Registration Clearance


COEIT Staff Advisors will start advising appointments in early October for Spring registration and early March for Fall registration.

  1. Before registering for courses for the upcoming semester, students must meet with an advisor to obtain registration authorization.
  2. Pre-Chemical Engineering, Pre-Computer Engineering, Pre-Computer Science, Pre-Mechanical Engineering, and Pre Engineering students are advised by COEIT staff advisors until they have completed the gateway requirements for their major.
  3. First-semester transfer students, regardless of gateway status, are also advised by COEIT Staff Advisors.



All Pre-majors and first-semester transfer students will need to schedule an appointment for advising clearance. Registration advising appointments will be available in person and online through Google Meets.


Schedule an appointment



Pre-Majors (Engineering and Computer Science) and First Semester Transfer Students:

Pre-majors and first-semester transfer students are not assigned a specific advisor and may meet with any available advisor.

Engineering & Computer Science Students Who Have Completed the Gateway:


Information Systems and Business Technology Administration Majors (or students intending to change to one of these majors):

Information Systems and Business Technology Administration majors are advised by faculty in the department.

You may find your advisor’s name in myUMBC if you are a declared major.

  1. Select “Advising and Student Support” under the Guide section, then click “My Advisor.”
  2. Information on setting up an appointment with your advisor is on the IS Advising webpage.
  3. f your advisor is not listed, or you have not yet declared your major as IS or BTA, please contact Ms. Dina Glazer at