All students apply to UMBC through our Undergraduate Admissions Office. At the time of application, students may designate any major.

All Freshmen who declare an interest in Engineering or Computer Science at the time of application are admitted to the University as a Pre-Major. You will be admitted as Pre-Chemical Engineering, Pre-Mechanical Engineering, Pre-Computer Engineering, or Pre-Computer Science. Students may also choose Pre-Engineering if they are undecided about which Engineering discipline they want to pursue.

At the time of application, Transfer students’ transcripts will be evaluated to determine eligibility for our programs. Please see the Transfer Students page for more information on this process.

Students will be admitted to the major after they have passed the Gateway requirements for their respective major and successfully completed at least one semester at UMBC. Full acceptance into the major generally occurs within the first two years of enrollment. Please see Gateway Requirements, Sample Four-Year Plans, and departmental websites for additional information.