Pre-Transfer Advising Shady Grove

At UMBC-Shady Grove, located in Montgomery County, we offer the upper-level coursework in our undergraduate programs. To be eligible to enroll in these courses, certain prerequisite courses must be completed prior to transfer. In addition to prerequisite courses, there are also additional recommended courses that we strongly encourage students to complete that will assist in completion of general education requirements. Navigating these prerequisite and recommended courses will help ensure a seamless transfer!

UMBC Shady Grove offers COEIT majors in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

Please fill out the Shady Grove UMBC Shady Grove Pre-Transfer Advising Form.

Once you have completed the form, a pre-transfer advising packet will be created for you which will include a link to make a one-on-one appointment with a COEIT pre-transfer advisor.

If you have already received a Pre-Transfer Advising packet, have met with an advisor, and have follow up questions please direct those to We are happy to set up a meeting with you.

If you have any questions please email