Advising Information

Photo of the ITE buildingAcademic Advisors are located in ITE 202-207 and are here to help you stay on track towards graduation. Advisors can answer general questions, provide referrals to campus resources, and assist with registration.


Orientation Advising

General Advising

Registration Clearance


Student Responsibility 

As a matter of UMBC policy and procedure, students are responsible for the management of their academic careers. They are expected to familiarize themselves with resources such as the undergraduate catalog and the degree audit, and to remain informed of all published degree requirements and academic calendar dates. Failure to do so does not provide a basis for exceptions to academic requirements or policies. Although, students receive guidance from academic and faculty advisors, students must assume full responsibility for completing published degree requirements.

Students are also expected to maintain communication with the university about academic, financial, and other essential matters. As e-mail is the university’s primary medium of official communication with students, students are responsible for reading official messages sent to their UMBC e-mail addresses. Students are also expected to maintain their current postal address and telephone number in the UMBC Directory, since certain important messages will be sent via U.S. mail.

Academic Integrity Standards at UMBC

Integrity lies at the heart of the academic endeavor. The Undergraduate Student Academic Conduct Policy  defines and strives to ensure academic integrity at UMBC. The Policy defines standards for academic honesty and describes the process for addressing allegations of undergraduate student academic misconduct. The underlying philosophy of this Policy is that members of the university community view academic integrity as a serious institutional value and that academic misconduct incidents should be resolved by faculty members and students in a cooperative manner.

For more information visit: Academic Integrity at UMBC