Prospective Transfer Student FAQ

I was accepted to UMBC. Does that mean I am accepted into the Engineering/ Computer Science program of my choice?

Not necessarily. Students are able to select any major when they apply for admissions at UMBC, however, only students who have passed the Gateway and adhered to the specific repeat policy for their respective major will be eligible for full admittance in the Computer Science and Engineering programs. All Computer Science and Engineering students are admitted as Pre-Major- Pre-Chemical Engineering, Pre-Mechanical Engineering, Pre-Computer Engineering, or Pre-Computer Science. Transfer students will be evaluated for eligibility by the College of Engineering and Information Technology. Please select the major below to see the Gateway and course repeat requirements.

Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering


What about the Information Systems and Business Technology Administration majors?

Information Systems and Business Technology Technology majors are admitted directly into the major. Information Systems has a gateway and course repeat policies that must be adhered to in order to remain eligible for the major. Business Technology does not have a gateway. Please see the information below for the Information Systems Gateway requirements.

Information Systems


Do you have a course repeat policy?

Students are allowed one repeat of any class (for a total of two attempts).  Withdrawals and equivalent courses taken at other institutions count as attempts. Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering do not allow third attempts.  Students with multiple attempts in a course will not meet the eligibility requirements for the Engineering and Computer Science degree programs.


What if I don’t meet the Gateway Requirements or have taken a required course too many times?

If you do not meet the  gateway requirements or adhere to the course repeat policy of your specific major you will not be able to pursue that major. The College of Engineering and Information Technology does not have conditional acceptance or probation in any of its majors.


What if I haven’t finished all of my Gateway Courses when I apply to UMBC?

As long as you have met the grade requirements in the courses you have completed and adhered to the course repeat policy of your specific major you will be able to take the rest of your gateway courses at UMBC. You will be designated as a Pre-Major until you have passed all of your Gateway courses and your entire transfer record has been evaluated and processed by the College of Engineering and Information Technology.


What if I have completed all my Gateway Courses when I apply to UMBC?

All transfer students will be admitted as a Pre-Major and will remain a Pre-Major until all final transcripts have been received, evaluated, and posted by the Registrar’s Office and then processed by the College of Engineering and Information Technology. Typically, this will occur after the first semester of enrollment at UMBC.


What classes should I be taking to prepare for UMBC?

Each course a student takes at another institution is evaluated and courses may come in as either elective credit (which can be used towards the 120 credits required for graduation) or a direct equivalent (meaning the class counts as a specific class at UMBC). The more classes that are a direct equivalent to major requirements the farther along in the program you will be when you transfer. You can refer to our four year guides to get a sense of what courses you may want to pursue at another institution.

Business Technology Administration
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Information Systems
Mechanical Engineering


Is there any way for me to know if the class I am currently taking will count as a major requirement?

Any student attending a Maryland Community College can refer to ARTSYS to determine the course equivalencies. By looking up the classes you are currently taking or plan to take you can determine exactly how that class will transfer into the program. The more classes you take that meet major requirements the farther along in the program you will be when you begin.


Does it matter what I major in prior to starting at UMBC?

At this time most of our programs are evaluated on a course by course basis. This means that regardless of your major we will evaluate each class individually  to determine if we can transfer it in, and if so, if it will count as elective credit or a direct course equivalent.


If I earn my AA degree at a Maryland Community College does that mean I will only have two years left at UMBC?

Possibly. Each course is individually evaluated to determine course equivalencies. You will have to meet all course requirements for any major you pursue at UMBC. The amount of time it will take you to finish a Bachelor’s Degree is determined by many things including the courses you are transferring, the number of remaining courses, course availability, and course sequencing.


What if I am not attending a Maryland Community College?

If you have attended a higher education institution other than a Maryland Community College you should consult UMBC’s Course Articulation Database to see if the specific course you have taken has already been evaluated for UMBC credit. If the courses you have taken are not listed in our database you may need to turn in copies of syllabi to have courses evaluated. You will be able to do this once you have been accepted and your courses have been reviewed by a transfer evaluator. If they need more information, or if your courses transfer as electives instead of direct equivalents, you can go through our Course Review process to have courses evaluated.


What are UMBC’s transfer policies?

Please refer to UMBC’s Policy on the Awarding of Transfer Credit information.


If I take the first part of a two course sequence at a different school can I take the second course at UMBC?

Students are encouraged to finish any courses in sequence (such as Chemistry I and Chemistry II or Computer Science I and Computer Science II) at the same institution.


What is this I hear about a foreign language requirement?

The language requirement consists of completion of a foreign language through the 201 level or demonstrated proficiency at that level. Proficiency, the number of courses needed to complete the requirement, and course placement, are determined by previous experience as follows:

  • completion of level 4 or higher of a language in high school
  • corresponding AP, IB or CLEP credit
  • completion of a language through the 201 level at a regionally accredited college/university.

International students proficient in a language other than English may receive equivalency for the 201-level proficiency requirement, provided that they present documentation showing that they have studied at the secondary school level (i.e., sixth grade or above) for at least one year in a country other than the continental United States.


Do I need to take the Math placement test?

Unless you have transferable credit for Precalculus or a higher level math class we encourage students to take the math placement test.


When will I be able to register for first semester classes?

You will register for classes at orientation.


Any tips for transferring students?

Students will not be able to take major courses until they have either completed or are eligible to enroll in Calculus I. By completing at least the prerequisite for this course (Precalculus) students will be best prepared to start taking major courses when they matriculate at UMBC.


Are there any resources for students thinking of transferring to UMBC that I should consult?

COEIT offers Pre-Transfer Advising to prospective students interested in any of the COEIT majors.