Meeting with an Advisor

COEIT Staff Advisors work with students in the Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering majors who have not yet passed their gateway or are first-semester transfer students. We also assist Computer Science minors and students interested in our majors. If you want to meet with an advisor, please contact us in the following ways.

Pre-majors are not assigned a specific advisor and may meet with any advisor.


General Questions:

If you have advising questions or need permission to register for a Computer Science or Engineering course (please include lecture number, discussion number if appropriate, and the reason you need permission), please contact us at or call 410-455-3096.


Set up an appointment with a Computer Science and Engineering Staff Advisor.


COEIT Advisors:

Anne Arey, Assistant Director & Advisor
ITE 202
Phone: 410-455-8791

Ethan Ide, Advisor
ITE 202
Phone: 410-455-3195

Emily Stephens, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services
ITE 205
Phone: 410-455-3519

Hailey Turney, Advisor
ITE 204

Marc Vukotich, Advisor
ITE 206

Krista Wallace, Assistant Director & Transfer Success Advisor
ITE 207
Phone: 410-455-3293

Information Systems and BTA

Information Systems and Business Technology Administration majors are advised by faculty in the department. IS students can view IS advisors and contact information on the IS Advising webpage.