Chemical Engineering Gateway & Course Repeat Requirements

Students are admitted to the chemical engineering program only when they pass all four of the following Gateway courses: ENES 101, MATH 152, CHEM 102, and ENCH 215 with a grade of at least two B’s and two C’s.* Enrolling in a gateway course at UMBC or a Chemical Engineering Department equivalent course at another institution is considered an attempt. Students must select a track to complete—Traditional, Biotechnology/Bioengineering or Environmental Engineering and Sustainability.

*If a student is using AP credit for MATH 152 or PLTW credit for ENES 101, then the requirement is at least two B’s and one C. If the student has both MATH 152 and PLTW test credit, then the requirement is at least one B and one C.

Repeat policy

Chemical Engineering  majors are permitted two attempts in courses required for the major. They are considered registered for a course if they are enrolled after the end of the schedule adjustment period. A course in which the student receives a grade of “W” (Withdraw) is counted as an attempt. Please note that you will not be permitted a third attempt in required courses taken at UMBC or another institution. Students who have more than two attempts in any course required to progress in the major will not be permitted to major in Chemical Engineering.  This policy is applicable to transfer students.