Computer Science Required Courses

Required Computer Science Courses

CMSC 201 Computer Science I (4 Cr) Grade of B required
CMSC 202 Computer Science II (4 Cr) Grade of B required
CMSC 203 Discrete Structures (3 Cr) Grade of C Required
CMSC 304 Ethical Issues in Information Technology (3 Cr)
CMSC 313 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (3 Cr)
CMSC 331 Principles of Programming Languages (3 Cr)
CMSC 341 Data Structures (3 Cr)
CMSC 447 Software Engineering I (3 Cr)
CMSC 411 Computer Architecture (3 Cr)
CMSC 421 Principles of Operating Systems (3 Cr)
CMSC 441 Algorithms (3 Cr)


Required Math Courses

MATH 151 Calculus I (4 Cr)
MATH 152 Calculus II (4 Cr)
MATH 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra (3 Cr)


Required Statistics Course

STAT 355 Applied Statistics I (4 Cr)


Required Science Courses 
One of the following sequences:

BIOL   141 Foundations of Biology: Cells, Energy and Organisms (4 Cr)
BIOL   142 Foundations of Biology: Ecology and Evolution (4 Cr)


CHEM 101 Principles of Chemistry I (4 Cr)
CHEM 102 Principles of Chemistry II (4 Cr)


PHYS   121 Introductory Physics I (4 Cr)
PHYS   122 Introductory Physics II (4 Cr)


One lab science to include SCI101L or CHEM102L or PHYS122L or GES286


Two Computer Science Electives chosen from the following:

CMSC 426 Principles of Computer Security (3 Cr)
CMSC 431 Compiler Design Principles (3 Cr)
CMSC 435 Computer Graphics (3 Cr)
CMSC 448 Software Engineering II (3 Cr)
CMSC 451 Automata Theory and Formal Languages (3 Cr)
CMSC 455 Numerical Computations (3 Cr)
CMSC 456 Symbolic Computation (3 Cr)
CMSC 461 Database Management Systems (3 Cr)
CMSC 471 Artificial Intelligence (3 Cr)
CMSC 481 Computer Networks (3 Cr)
CMSC 483 Parallel and Distributed Processing (3 Cr)


Three Computer Science Technical Electives chosen from the following or from CMSC electives listed above*:

Any three 3‑credit CMSC 400‑level courses except CMSC 404 and CMSC 495‑499.

CMSC 400 level course (3 Cr)
CMSC 400 level course (3 Cr)
CMSC 400 level course (3 Cr)

Students may choose electives in this category from computer engineering courses with special permission from the CSEE department. Up to two of these courses also may be chosen from the following list of mathematics courses: MATH430, 441, 452, 475, 481, 483.

*Courses cannot double count in the CMSC Elective and Technical Elective Sections.

TOTAL: 77 credits required