Computer Science Game Development Track Required Courses

Required Science Course

PHYS 121: Introductory Physics I (4 Cr)


Required CMSC Courses

CMSC 435 Computer Graphics (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective) or CMSC 438 Graphics for Games (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)**
CMSC 471 Artificial Intelligence (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)
CMSC 493 Games Group Project (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)


Elective CMSC courses: Choose two of the following:

CMSC 437 Graphical User Interface Programming (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 445 Software Engineering (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 455 Numerical Computation (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)
CMSC 461 Database Management System   (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)
CMSC 481 Computer Networks (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)
CMSC 483 Parallel and Distributed Processing (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)


**Students who take both CMSC 435 and CMSC 438 can count the second course as a Game Development Track Elective